Gramhir also has an Instagram analytics tool that allows you to enter a list of Instagram usernames and see a summary of their prints, relations and post details.

1. HashtagsForLikes

This Instagram analytics tool enables you to track and dissect Instagram data for any account. You can get Instagram perceptivity about their most- used hashtags and how their account grew day by day.

These Instagram perceptivity can help you dissect how your challengers grew their followers and which hashtags helped them drive the most engagement. You can use this data to ameliorate your account.

2. Combin

Combin is much further than a simple Instagram analytics tool. In fact, it’s amulti-functional tool that can help you grow and manage your account.

It helps you dissect your followership and track your account exertion and growth. This provides you with Instagram perceptivity that help you grow your Instagram presence.

3. Reportei

This instagram analytics application merges many digital marketing channels with Instagram reports – snappily and fluently. On Instagram, you can induce Instagram Stories, Instagram Advertisements, plus Instagram Business reports on a single screen.

It’s intended to support independent contractors, digital marketing companies, and marketing teams. It also includes a unique Marketing Timeline, a different way to produce digital marketing and social media reports.

4. Share My perceptivity

This Instagram analytics tool gives you access to advanced Instagram perceptivity and analytics using the sanctioned Instagram API. With these in- depth statistics, you can fluently track, dissect, and optimize your Instagram marketing sweats.

5. Heepsy

Unlike other tools on this list, Heepsy is hyperactive-technical and focuses only on influencer analytics for your Instagram account. This instagram analytics tool provides in- depth influencer analytics reports to help you find the stylish influencers to grow your Instagram account.

6. Crowdfire

This is one of the stylish Instagram analytics tools out there and it provides you criteria on engagement and reach,post-performance analytics, and literal analysis for your Instagram profile. With the help of this free Instagram analytics tool, you may discover what your followers enjoy and disapprove of.

7. Iconosquare

This is one of the most effective Instagram analytics tools that not only provides perceptivity into your account but also benchmarks your performance within your assiduity. The tool has a visual, easy- to- use reporting dashboard where you can see and dissect your Instagram performance criteria . Iconosquare is also one of the stylish apps to understand your followers.

8. Instagram perceptivity

What better way to get analytics on Instagram than to use the erected- in free Instagram analytics tool? Anyone who has a business profile on Instagram can use this instagram analytics tool to get perceptivity into their account’s followers and engagement rates.

9. Kicksta

This is basically an Instagram growth tool that also has a erected- in analytics feature. By using this instagram analytics tool you can grow your Instagram reach, get further followers, and make a strong presence on the platform.

10. Headwind

On every Instagram Story or post, this analytics tool offers comprehensive trends and data. It can assist you in tracking your development over time and calculating the return on investment of your Instagram posts.

The tool also allows you to download performance reports and perceptivity on crucial performance criteria for your Instagram profile.

11. Keyhole

Keyhole is one of the Instagram analytics tools that not only provides you with performance criteria but also helps you optimize your Instagram strategy. It helps you produce top- performing posts and also provides perceptivity on when to partake them. Also, you can discover what you were doing correctly when you were gaining supporters.

12. Pixlee

This is an each- by- one Instagram analytics tool that helps you cover your account’s performance and find influencers. The tool provides daily performance reports that can be fluently participated with others. It also provides you with perceptivity into what type of content performs well on Instagram and helps you formulate your strategy consequently.

13. Quintly

This is one of the top Instagram analytics tools that give an in- depth sapience into your account’s performance, but do n’t dissect assiduity trends or criteria .

14. SocialRank

This is one of the stylish Instagram analytics tools to understand your current followers and target the right followership. You can also compare your followers with that of challengers and find out the common bones . Additionally, it aids in tracking the effectiveness of content over time and aids in determining the most effective content types.

15. Union Metrics

To assist you in developing your social media strategy, this Instagram analytics tool offers real-time social media monitoring and statistics. One of the best social media tools is Union Metrics since it gives you insight for honing your content strategy and allows you to monitor the performance of your material.

16. Squarelovin

This instagram analytics tool provides in- depth perceptivity into your Instagram account’s performance on colorful content performance and engagement criteria . It also helps you optimize your content strategy by telling you when to partake images, which hashtags to use, and when you can get the most commerce. You may complete all of this immediately from their website.

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