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The number of businesses that use product-specific packaging is growing by the day. A well-designed packaging can help advertise a product and boost sales. Around 60% of customers who visit your shop will likely purchase appealing custom packaging containing your product. For instance, bottle box packaging could attract more eyes than other wine bottles on shelves. The packaging can give your brand a unique identity and will aid your business in making a mark in the market.

It’s no wonder many companies are now making custom packaging a component of their operations since it allows them to make money. There’s so much to gain from custom-designed packaging.

Do you have plans to customize your packaging and want to learn more about the advantages of personalized bottle box packaging? Continue reading to discover why custom packaging is crucial for your company’s image.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is the packaging of goods by businesses to convey important information about their brand to their customers. They typically include themes, patterns, colors, and designs. Prints with foil stamping, spot UV printing, and embossing are also available.

Packaging can help a product gain recognition and conveys information about branding, the product, and the owner. Packaging is generally used to secure and protect goods from harm, but it all depends on the quality of the material used for packaging. The three types of packaging are primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary packaging is the packaging of goods purchased by the buyer. The secondary and tertiary packaging has much to do with custom-designed packaging. These involve using films, boxes, cartons, and pallets to package products typically transported to various locations. Each packaging product goes through a series of processes like designing the bottle display boxes, engineering, mockups, and evaluations.

Important Printer’s Questions for Custom Packaging

Printers can’t create any custom-designed packaging design for you. To fully understand the vision, they will ask you specific questions to determine your thoughts. Also, you can expect to answer the printer’s questions when you head to the printer’s store.

What’s the purpose behind the packaging? It will help the printer determine the best style for their packaging. Furthermore, many kinds of boxes can be used for various needs. The printers can be let know that the customized packaging is designed for Easter, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.

Boxes are used for storage, transporting as well as shelving. Therefore, your response to this question will let your designer and printer understand what kind of box they’re creating for you.

Do you want to use this box for a throw or use? The printer must know what quality you expect from the boxes you’d like. The majority of throw-and-use boxes are low-quality, while repeat-use boxes are better.

There are a variety of boxes to fit various sizes of pockets, and you can now select the one you can pay for. Choosing eco-friendly products also is a good idea.

Is the item heavy? The cardboard box, the corrugated cardboard paper boxes, and so on. All are objects that weigh a lot. To protect your products from harm, make sure you choose robust materials. For instance, paper wrappings are not ideal for ceramic cups. The cardboard will be much better suited.

The customers will surely want to pick from a range of patterned and designed custom packaging. There is a possibility to design colossal packaging containing various items.

Types of Custom Packaging Materials

The various kinds of packaging materials that can be customized comprise:

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are light and durable cardboard boxes that can be cut or manipulated into various forms. The different kinds of paperboard boxes are:

Solid bleached Sulfate boxes (SBS)

The clay-coated surface gives them an elegant white color. They are ideal for custom packaging since they’re smooth and could be the best choice for perishables such as meat, pastries, etc.

Unbleached and coated Kraft boxes (CUK)

This packaging material is natural in its appearance. Anyone who appreciates the natural appearance that recycled products offer will appreciate it. These boxes are excellent for oversized items. Some of them are laundry detergents, soft drinks, and more.

Corrugated Boxes

They are the best for transporting products from one place to another. A majority of Nike sneakers are packed in corrugated boxes. These boxes are also different by the size of their flutes. The bigger the size of the flute, the more your product is cushioned and has resistance to compression.

Paper Bags

Paper bags are simple to use and highly customizable. Before other packaging materials were invented, the paper bag was the only option. It is the reason why they are typically found in every supermarket. They are also green and sustainable materials that any businessperson could want to consider using.

Rigid Boxes

The cost of rigid boxes can be higher than other packaging materials. They are made of highly condensed paperboard, which makes them denser than standard. They’re not collapsible like other paper types and are suitable for shipping. They can be used to pack expensive goods such as jewelry, shoes, and iPhones.

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