Move and settle in Canada with your family

The Canadian government’s purpose is to reunite families. Certain family members may be qualified for permanent residence in Canada under the family class category. Once citizens, individuals are able to reside, study, and work in Canada. There is thus no need to submit a letter of invitation or a visiting visa application.

Similar to other immigration categories, the family class has certain requirements, such as a minimum income threshold that the sponsor must fulfill. Understanding the family sponsorship paperwork, specifications, and eligibility is a prerequisite for sponsoring someone to immigrate to Canada.
While filing the paperwork, you may get assistance from the top immigration attorneys in Dubai, who will simplify the process and provide comprehensive information about the entire procedure.

You promise to support them financially when you sponsor a family member, whether they are your dependent kid, your spouse, or your common-law partner. As a result, you can be an employer

4 in Canada and make a minimum wage. It takes a lot of work to sponsor a family member to immigrate to Canada since you have to sign an undertaking agreement. Family sponsorship is not eligible for a tax receipt in Canada, so please be aware of that.

How to Bring a Relative to Canada Through Sponsorship

Dependent  Child

For immigration reasons, the age restriction for dependent children is modified from “under 19” to “under 22”. This update will apply to all new applications received on or after October 24, 2017. Your child must meet the requirements for a dependent child and fall within the appropriate age range. A kid is dependent if they are under the age of 22 and do not have a spouse or domestic partner. When a child reaches the age of 22 and meets both requirements, they are considered dependents, meaning that they have depended on their parents for financial support ever since they were younger than 22 and that they are unable to support themselves financially due to a mental or physical disability.


Depending on the circumstances, you could be qualified to sponsor your relative under the “last remaining relative” exemption program. A Canadian citizen may sponsor any blood-related or adoptive relative, regardless of age, under this program. if none of the sponsor’s spouse/common-law partners, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, or aunts is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The sponsor should also not have any relatives outside of Canada who qualify for sponsorship. You must provide your relative financial assistance.

No direct sponsorship scheme is currently in effect for siblings of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Nonetheless, they can apply for permanent residence as immigrants of the economic class and receive an additional fifteen Express Entry points if they have siblings. Siblings can apply for immigration based on their family in two additional ways. The first choice would be sponsored kids who are reliant on their parents. Children cannot be dependent unless they meet a number of requirements. Siblings can get sponsorship under the orphan close relative program under exceptionally unusual circumstances.

Why Relocating to Canada is a Wise Choice?

Canada is one of the greatest and most populous nations that annually accepts a large number of immigrants. Individuals typically select Canada because of its unspoiled natural beauty, sparsely crowded cities, and reputation as the safest location to live.

Moving to Canada and its Advantages.

Together with its people, the Canadian government always guarantees immigrants a decent quality of life.
• One benefit of moving to Canada is that the government provides free education up to the age of 18; after obtaining permanent status, this entitlement extends to any territory or province in the country. Also, permanent residents pay less in tuition costs for higher study.
•Any person with a Canadian permanent residence visa gets free healthcare from the Canadian government and authorities. All prescription medications are given free medical treatment, and applicants for public health insurance are also welcome.

  • One of the most secure and safest places to immigrate to is Canada. The rights given by Canadian Charter 6 are sure for immigrants with permanent residence. In addition to having the lowest taxes and most employment possibilities, Canada enjoys the best level of living.

If you want to move your family to Canada but are unsure of the requirements, you may get assistance from the best immigration lawyers in Dubai who will walk you through the process, educating you on Canadian immigration and facilitating a simple process.

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