How to Check If You Buy iPhone 12 Pro Is Water Resistant?

You may already be aware of the fact that worldwide, 11% of cell phones suffer water damage each year. This is particularly true for iPhones, like buy iPhone 12 Pro, which might sustain water damage.

You’ll make sure to take all necessary procedures to avoid this issue. What about outdated phones? These days, the majority of manufacturers make sure that their devices are water-resistant in some form. As a result, I’ll show you today how to check your iPhone 12 Pro’s or another phone’s water resistance.
Throughout the years, you may have heard companies claim that their smartphone has some form of water resistance to protect the phones.
Yet typically, a device is judged by how deep it can be submerged in water and still function as intended. To illustrate this point, I’d want to offer a smartwatch as an example. Consider yourself to be the proud owner of an IP6X-certified Apple Series 7 smartwatch. Wearing the watch when swimming for up to 50 meters in a lake or pool won’t affect how the watch functions.
Nevertheless, keep in mind that a variety of factors, such as the materials used, the thickness of the seals, and the actual design of the device, may affect how water-resistant a gadget is. If a device has more water resistance, it will often be stronger and able to tolerate more exposure to water.
It’s important to understand that waterproofness is not the same as water resistance. Several companies make it quite clear when you buy their electronic equipment that such devices can only provide minimal water protection. You often have to get a new phone or fix the one you currently have since they don’t even make such promises. Due of this, I do not suggest that the owner of an iPhone 12 Pro just go around immersing their phones in water, even if it is brand new.
As I’ve already said, the exorbitant cost makes it difficult to get an iPhone in Pakistan. Since they wish to enjoy the premium features of the phone, many people opt for used options. W
You may be wondering how to determine if your iPhone is waterproof. No worries, you may tell the individual. It’s simple to check a phone’s water resistance.
Start by taking out the SIM card tray from the iPhone. The next step is to blow air into the phone (just as if you were blowing air into a balloon). If air passes through, the phone is not water resistant, and you will be able to tell. The phone still has water resistance even if the air cannot travel through.
The phone’s water resistance may be ensured by reapplying the seal. Just be sure to get in touch with a reputable, knowledgeable phone repairman.


Overall, by using this method, you can make sure that the iPhone 12 Pro or any other iPhone is water-resistant before buying it. Additionally, don’t just go around buying a used phone from any other vendor because, sadly, in Pakistan, there are a lot of scammers in the market.

That’s why I’ll recommend Wise Market Pakistan because I bought two iPhones (iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max) for myself and my brother. The phones that they sent us are in amazing condition even though we bought used phones. They guaranteed that the phones were water resistant, but we made sure that they were too.

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