Where to find the best video telematics software provider? 

Video telematics software is like that popular high school chick who every fleet manager desires to become friends with. Only a few popular big fleet owners are her friends and people who she hangs out with.

So what about the small fleet businesses? Can they leverage video telematics for its high-end multidimensional benefits? Are telematics solutions worth giving a try?

Let’s discuss the advantages of visual data that small fleet owners can capitalise on.

Benefits of Video Telematics Software

The technology of this time and age is the most advanced version in any form. Telematics software solutions was taken a level up with visual data coming to the mainstream of fleet operations. Video telematics was just a farfetched dream at one point in time, fast internet and unlimited downloads were things of the future.

Today telematics software is becoming a must-have for any fleet manager. What are the benefits of video telematics that are luring more and more modern fleet owners towards themselves?

An Eyewitness to Every Event

Get much more than just numeric data, and graphical representation of insights. Video telematics software offers visual evidence of every event either in the form of a snapshot or a video clip. Remote access to video footage makes management simpler and more confident for managers.

More Elaborated List of Events

With another dimension of data in place, the list of event triggers offered by fleet management software increases. Driver Monitoring System Events include smoking, phone usage, yawing, drowsy and more such driver in-cabin activities which are impossible to detect without telematics.

Better and Instant Decision Making

Gone are the days when assumptions and experience were the only variables that were equating fleet planning and operations. Today, data lays the foundation of every strategic or business move. With visual evidence, things just get better and more precise.

The drivers that smoke a lot will not be given combustible consignments to drive and drive who trigger three events for yawing in a span of half an hour will be asked to take some rest. Such instant decisions can lessen the number of accidents in the fleet.

Improves Driver, Vehicle and Consignment Safety

Video telematics enhances the all-around safety of the fleet including drivers, vehicles and assets. With an added layer of security with dashcams and cameras installed on the vehicles, drivers tend to take extra precautions while driving the truck.

Helps in Cutting Extra Cost

Nuclear verdicts are the biggest bugs that are eating the fleet and transport business. Can video telematics help in combating nuclear verdicts? Yes! Not just that, fleets that have video telematics software in place get good deals on vehicle insurance.

Video Telematics for Small Businesses

In comparison to the bigger fleets, it’s important for the smaller fleet to draw a heavy return on investment as the ratio of cost to revenue is also higher. How can small fleet owners leverage video telematics software?

  1. It can help curtail heavy insurance premiums as the insurance providers know the fleet is being monitored, hence the driving practises, vehicle health and everything is tracked.
  2. You can stop worrying about the safety of vehicles, drivers as well as consignments. Round-the-clock monitoring and safety features such as theft alarms, parking more, etc. improve the overall fleet safety.
  3. Telematics solutions can help improve Customer Satisfaction for they are content that their goods are under surveillance at all hours. You can share the real-time visual status along with event-wise video clips if they ask for it.
  4. With video telematics and dashcams installed on the vehicle, drivers act more responsibly.
  5. With all the earlier-mentioned benefits and the above-mentioned advantages, video telematics software only boosts productivity and efficiency by reducing operational costs.

Where to find the best video telematics software provider?

TrackoBitis one of the leading and advanced video telematics solutions providers. They offer a Driver monitoring system and an Advanced driver assistance system for in-cabin as well as on-road surveillance. However, they offer their software solution to big fleet owners, GPS providers or channel partners who further add small fleet owners to their platform.

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