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PCOS Specialist in Lahore offers PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome as a hormonal disorder in women that can make it difficult for sufferers to conceive. Usually, this condition is characterized by irregular menstruation. Unfortunately, this condition often affects women of childbearing age. That is why many questions arise; can women?

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Who has PCOS and gets pregnant?

If you have PCOS and are wondering if you can still get pregnant when diagnosed with PCOS. The answer could be. Women with PCOS can get pregnant, so you still hope to have children through your womb.

Of course, the chances are smaller, and the effort required is greater than that of women.

Because when someone has PCOS, the size of the ovary is more significant than usual. This larger ovary may contain many tiny cysts containing immature eggs within it. So, the egg is difficult to remove, let alone fertilize. In addition, women with PCOS have high levels of androgen hormones, which can inhibit the ovulation process, which is the release of healthy eggs for sperm to fertilize.

But don’t worry first. Currently, there are many PCOS treatments that you can try—starting with the natural, changing your lifestyle to different medical procedures that are appropriate for your condition.

What should be done to get pregnant?

To get pregnant, women with PCOS can do a variety of things that are usually recommended by doctors, such as:

Implementation of a healthy lifestyle

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, adopting a healthy lifestyle is the primary step toward overcoming fertility problems due to PCOS.

Try to improve your diet and exercise habits for three months before trying to conceive. These changes can later help improve your egg quality and ovulation. In addition, this is done to increase nutrients in the body before the onset of pregnancy.

In addition to implementing a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food and regular exercise, you should maintain an ideal body weight. Because based on an analysis done by the National Institutes of Health, obesity can increase the risk of difficulty getting pregnant.

Therefore, try to lose or gain weight before starting a pregnancy program to increase insulin and balance hormones. Balanced insulin levels can help reduce androgen levels and restore the ovulation process properly.

Ask your doctor for help improving fertility.

Because PCOS can affect the menstrual cycle, certain medications are sometimes needed to facilitate ovulation. Because regular ovulation is one of the essential keys that help you get pregnant. Knowing when the body will ovulate can also calculate the fertile period.

Medication that doctors usually prescribe to help you ovulate. It works by helping the ovaries pick up eggs that will eventually grow, mature, and be released. Other drugs also have the same function.

However, if the drugs taken are ineffective, injectable drugs will also be prescribed to stimulate ovulation. These drugs are usually in the form of the hormone FSH, the primary hormone produced by the body to stimulate the growth of egg follicles each month.

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In addition to medication, Infertility Doctors in Lahore will also advise you to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), or what is known as IVF. During this process, the doctor will give drugs to stimulate the ovaries so that many eggs grow and mature.

These mature eggs will be surgically removed and combined with the sperm, which will be fertilized in a tube that will be placed in a unique laboratory. After the embryo grows, it will be put back into the uterus, hoping to implant well and become a full-fledged fetus.

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