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custom bottle neckers wholesale can be a great way to promote your business or event, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. In this blog post, we will explore how to craft eye-catching bottle neckers on a budget. We’ll look at understanding what bottle neckers are and the benefits they offer, finding economical supplies for them, crafting unique designs that stand out from the crowd, and adhesive tips for long-lasting results. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create custom bottle neckers without spending a fortune.

Understanding Bottle Neckers and Their Benefits.

A bottle necker, also known as a neck hanger or neck label, is a type of product label that hangs from the neck of bottles. Typically made from paper or plastic materials and printed with eye-catching graphics and branding messages, custom printed bottle neckers can be used to promote products in any industry ranging from food and beverage to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Bottle neckers are highly visible on store shelves due to their unique shape and can help draw attention to products while increasing brand exposure. As such, they are an effective marketing tool for companies looking to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

What Benefits Can Bottle Neckers Provide.

The benefits of using bottle neckers are numerous:

  • Visibility: Bottle neckers make it easier for customers to find products in stores by standing out on shelves due to their unique shape. This makes them more likely to be noticed than traditional labels which often blend into the background amongst other competing brands on crowded shelves.
  • Brand Awareness: By displaying your logo prominently at the point-of-purchase, customers will become familiar with your brand over time which can lead to increased loyalty over competitors’ offerings down the line.
  • Consumer Engagement: Because bottle neckers have plenty of space for messaging, you have the opportunity to engage with consumers directly at shelf level giving them all pertinent information about your product such as its ingredients, nutritional values or usage instructions quickly before making a purchase decision.
  • Cost Savings: The cost savings associated with using bottle neckers versus other forms of labeling can be significant since you don’t need additional equipment or staff resources for application – simply hang them up yourself! Additionally, because they come in packs they require less storage space meaning fewer trips back-and-forth between supplier warehouses resulting in reduced transportation costs over time too.

Finding Economical Supplies for Bottle Neckers.

One of the most important parts of creating unique bottle neckers without breaking the bank is finding economical supplies. To get started, it’s important to know where to look for discounted materials that can be used to craft your bottle neckers. There are a few great places to start looking:

  • Local Craft Stores: Many local craft stores offer discounts on bulk orders of certain materials and products, such as cardstock or printable adhesives. It’s worth inquiring about any coupons or promotions that may be available when visiting these stores.
  • Online Retailers: Shopping online can provide access to more competitive prices than brick-and-mortar retailers, especially when buying in bulk. Popular websites like Amazon or eBay often have deals and discounts running throughout the year – so it pays to keep an eye out!
  • Wholesale Suppliers: Wholesale suppliers are another excellent option for those seeking discounted materials for their bottle neckers. These suppliers offer large quantities of goods at discounted rates — perfect for those who plan on making multiple batches of bottle neckers at once.

Re-purposing Existing Supplies.

In addition to purchasing new materials, re-purposing existing supplies is another great way of creating unique bottle neckers without breaking the bank . Here are a few ideas on how this can be done:

  • Upcycling Scrap Paper: If you have any scrap paper lying around (such as old flyers, magazines or newspapers), this can easily be repurposed into attractive and eye-catching designs for your bottle neckers! All you need is some scissors and glue, and you’ll have a creative solution that won’t break your budget.
  • Repurposing Old Bottle Neckers : If you already have some plain old bottle neckers lying around from previous campaigns, why not use them as templates? This way, all you need do is design over them with a fresh layer of text or graphics – giving them new life! You could even add special touches like glitter or coloured tape if desired – just make sure they don’t still contain any vital information from the original design first!

Crafting Unique Bottle Neckers.

Designing an effective bottle necker is not an easy task; it needs to be eye-catching and memorable, while still conveying the necessary information about your product or service. To craft an effective design, you need to consider both the shape and size of the necker as well as its content.

Shape: The shape of your bottle necker can help make it stand out from other neckers on store shelves. Consider unusual shapes such as triangles, stars, circles, squares or even animals that are related to your product or brand identity. You can also get creative with color and texture to make your necker more visually appealing.

Size: Depending on the type of bottle you’re using for your necker, choose a size that fits comfortably around the bottle without obscuring any important information on either side. Generally speaking, smaller sizes will give you more flexibility in terms of design options due to their small footprint on a shelf or countertop display. However, larger sizes may be necessary if you have a lot of text or images that require extra space for legibility and impact.

Content: Content should always be clear and concise so that customers understand what it is they’re looking at quickly and easily. Your message should include key product features as well as any special promotions you might be running at the time (e.g., limited-time offers). Additionally, adding branding elements such as logos or graphics can help further identify who created/supports the product in question which adds credibility to its value proposition amongst consumers.

Printing with Maximum Impact

Once you have designed an eye-catching bottle necker that conveys all relevant information regarding your product/brand effectively, it’s time to print them! For maximum impact when printing your neckers consider investing in high quality paper stock – heavier weight stocks will provide greater durability over time especially when exposed to varying temperatures and moisture levels – while also making sure colors are vibrant enough for maximum visibility amongst other products in store displays/shelves etc.. Additionally, when selecting ink types opt for scratch-resistant formulations so that customers don’t accidentally damage any printed text/images by mistake whilst handling them during purchase decisions etc… Finally if budget allows go for specialized printing techniques such as embossing which gives a unique tactile feel further enhancing overall appeal among potential buyers!

Adhesive Tips for Long-Lasting Bottle Neckers.

When it comes to selecting an adhesive for your bottle neckers, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to make sure that the adhesive is compatible with the material of your bottle necker. Generally speaking, most adhesives work well on paper and plastic materials. However, if you’re using a specific type of substrate or fabric, you may want to double-check to ensure compatibility before applying adhesive.

For best results, opt for a permanent or waterproof adhesive such as rubber cement or hot glue. These types of adhesives will ensure that your bottle neckers remain securely attached even when exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. Additionally, some adhesives are designed specifically for use on bottles and other curved surfaces in order to provide superior hold strength and longevity.

Applying Adhesive Properly.

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate adhesive for your bottle neckers, it’s important that you apply it correctly in order to achieve maximum hold strength and longevity from your product labels. To begin with, make sure that both surfaces (the label and the bottle) are clean and dry before applying any adhesive; this will help prevent dirt or dust from interfering with the bond between surfaces once cured.

Next, spread a thin layer of adhesive onto one side of the label evenly across its surface area; avoid spreading too much as this can cause bubbling or warping of the substrate material over time due to excess moisture being trapped underneath the label itself upon curing/hardening of the adhesive material (most liquid-based adhesives require air exposure in order for them to cure properly). Finally press firmly against both sides together until they adhere completely – be careful not to move either surface immediately after pressing them together as this can disrupt proper drying/curing process and weaken overall hold strength over time!


Creating unique bottle neckers does not have to be expensive. By understanding the benefits of bottle neckers, finding economical supplies, crafting a design that stands out, and applying the correct adhesive, businesses can create effective advertising materials without breaking the bank. With a little creativity and research, companies can find ways to make their marketing efforts more affordable while still making an impact.

By following these tips for creating unique bottle neckers on a budget, businesses can increase their visibility and reach potential customers in innovative ways. So take some time to consider how you can use bottle neckers to help promote your business – it could be the key to success!


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