Dettol hand sanitizer 5-liter

Do you want to level up hygiene and sanitation practices at the workplace or any commercial area, like restaurants, café, shopping malls and theaters?

If yes, finding the best hand sanitizer is imperative. As a business owner, you should know how crucial it has become for everyone to maintain appropriate hygiene and sanitation, especially after the pandemic. Keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the washrooms or toilets will be enough. But that is not the case!

Instead, you must place a large bottle of hand sanitizer so people won’t run out of it soon. But buying hand sanitizer in such a vast quantity might cause a substantial increase in the overall budget that you cannot bear. That’s why using the Dettol hand sanitizer 5 liter sounds more feasible for large-scale hygiene needs. If you are interested in knowing more, read the following explanations.

Dettol Hand Sanitizer is Available in Different Volumes

One of the many reasons to rely on Dettol hand sanitizer is its availability in other volumes. You can get 200 ml or 100 ml bottles in separate restrooms and toilets. But this is suitable only when the requirement will be around 7 to 10 bottles every month. 

On the contrary, when considering the large-scale need, like that of a commercial shopping mall, corporate office, and more, you should go for the Dettol hand sanitizer 5-liter bottle. It has enough sanitizer to last for more than a month, helping you save way more than you can comprehend. 

You Don’t Have to Spend Money on Buying Pump Dispensers

Many people wonder where to keep the hand sanitizer in small containers because pumping the liquid from a regular bottle could be better. It will cost you a lot if you want to install the dispenser units in every handwashing and restroom area. Instead, you can get the Dettol hand sanitizer 5 liters

It comes in a pump dispenser bottle, making it easier for you to ensure people can pump out a small amount of the liquid. Besides, it also eliminates the need to get the pump dispensers separately.  

Dettol Provides Excellent Offers and Discounts on the Purchase

Do you know that Dettol offers amazing deals and offers on most of its products, including hand sanitizers? Well, if not, you are certainly missing out on many things. First, the Dettol hand sanitizer 5 liter is often available with excellent discounts, like 20% to 40% off.

You can also get another Dettol product in a combo pack at a price much less than the original sum. The Dettol hand sanitizer will be more fruitful for large-scale applications.

The Brand is Known as the Best for Disinfection 

Lastly, Dettol is the best brand focusing on disinfection and eliminating 99.9% of germs from your hands, skin, and other surfaces. Your customers or employees will be happy you care about their health and hygiene. Your brand value will increase, and this can bring more fame and revenue.


Since the Dettol hand sanitizer 5 liter is readily available in the market, you can get it from any convenience store. Usually, one bottle will last for one and a half months. You will only have to spend a little on having the product and leveling up the hygiene and cleanliness statement.

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