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With new technological developments, Automatic car lessons, or with an automatic gearbox, are becoming more common. Because of that and because for many drivers there are more advantages to automatic driving lesson Birmingham than a manual one, in Birmingham, there is the option of only getting an automatic driver’s license, although it is not as accessible as getting a manual one.

Advantages of Automatic car lessons

As we have mentioned, automatic cars have several advantages. The most prominent is that of comfort since it is not necessary to use the clutch to change gears when driving a vehicle with an automatic gearbox. Therefore, the driver can pay more attention to other aspects of driving, only operating the brake and accelerator. At the same time, safety increases because more attention can be paid to traffic.

The difference with manual cars

Apart from the advantages of automatic driving instructors in Birmingham with an automatic gearbox, the main difference with the manual is that you do not have to engage the clutch and therefore control when you change gear. In a manual car it is the driver who does it, and in an automatic car it is the gearbox without driver intervention.

Is there a license to only drive an automatic car?

The Automatic car driving lessons only allow you to drive automatic vehicles, with the same conditions and regulations as the manual B driving license. While the common B license allows you to drive manual and automatic cars, the automatic car license does not allow you to drive vehicles with a manual gearbox, since it is required to know how to use the clutch and the gear lever.

But with the automatic driving lesson in Birmingham, you will be able to drive the specified vehicles with any type of automatic transmission, be it continuously variable or dual-clutch transmission.

To obtain this permit, it will be necessary to take two exams, the common theoretical one that all permits required, and a practical exam in an automatic car after taking practical classes and having the necessary fluency and knowledge.

Where can I get an automatic solo card?

As manual cars continue to be more common in Birmingham, the automatic license is not offered as widely. At Onroad, we do not currently offer this type of card, but we hope to offer it in the future. If you are interested in getting this card, you can look for a driving school where that offer you, practical classes, in an automatic car after studying and taking the practical test with us.

What is the price to get the automatic card?

Being less accessible, practical classes for an automatic car tend to be more expensive. For this reason, we recommend getting the manual B driving license, since it not only entails less cost, but it will also allow you to drive manual cars, which are more accessible throughout the country.

Is it advisable to get an automatic car license?

If you are clear about it and want to drive this type of vehicle, for whatever reason, it is not only recommended but also mandatory since with the general permit you could not.

It is important that you keep in mind that when you get your automatic car driver’s license, it will be reflected in the records of the Directorate General of Traffic and in your driving license. From that moment on, you will not be able to take manual cars. And no matter how much you think you’re ready for it, doing so is a traffic offense with a financial fine and the withdrawal of points.

Also, if you had an accident with a manual car, the insurance coverage could be canceled so it is not worth taking risks. It is better that you assess what type of vehicle you are going to take on most occasions and choose the most suitable permit for you.

Where can you get your automatic vehicle license?

Easy: in a driving school that offers you this type of permit B and that has Automatic car lessons to do the practical classes. For this reason, the availability is more limited and the price a little higher.

Another of the urban legend that circulate is that these vehicles are for bad drivers, but nothing is further from the truth. They are simply better for those who prefer a less manual mode of driving.

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