Instagram is one of the main systems for social engagement. In stated that Instagram’s follower engagement charge is better than Facebook and Twitter’s by way of a landslide, and the average engagement price for Instagram pix is 4.21%.


This sudden information surpassed my original prediction that the engagement fee for some of these other structures could be plenty better. Why is getting an engaged following so difficult? When my sister received a lovely English bulldog for Christmas, I used him (Bubba) as a possibility to conduct my very own Instagram test.

After re-analyzing our very own Complete Free Guide to Instagram Marketing, I hopped onto Instagram and made Bubba the bulldog an account.

I activate on my Instagram journey with the desires of gaining a high engagement charge and a return in fans.

In most effective three days and little time, I finished a median engagement fee of 55.Sixty seven%, and my top submit had an engagement charge of 103.3%.

Here’s how I did it:


It’s no secret that hashtags are important for human beings to locate your posts. Users will look on Instagram for positive types of photographs and will behavior searches the use of hashtags.

If you encompass that hashtag in your photo, that person is probable to stumble across it.

However, inclusive of positive hashtags are more likely than others to attract customers so as to engage along with your photographs.

  • Niche Hashtags – The extra precise the hashtag used, the more engagement you may get hold of because human beings are much more likely to find precisely what they want. Instead of most effective along with wide tags like #dog or #doggy, I discovered that including breed specific tags like #englishbulldogs and #englishbullies worked great. This can be carried out to another area of interest as nicely.
  • Location Specific Hashtags – Including locations in hashtags are also a first-rate way to boom your chance of engagement. You can also combine it with a niche time period like #sandiegobullies or #sandiegodog. Don’t overlook to add your geotag as nicely.
  • Do Your Research – Find precisely what human beings are searching out. Hashtagify.Me will tell you how popular a hashtag is, what its related hashtags are, and their weekly/monthly traits. Also do some competitive research. Click around and notice what different famous money owed are the use of.


If your foremost purpose is to have an excessive engagement fee in your account, you need to discover the right sort of followers.

Think, what form of user might be inquisitive about the content you’re posting? Who will be most possibly to observe returned and be engaged?

Here is what I did:

  • Like and Follow Simultaneously – Instead of following a variety of people and just hoping they comply with again, I determined I had lots extra success after I appreciated three or so images, after which followed them. Try this on accounts that have a hundred and fifty fans or less, or pictures with 20 likes or much less.
  • Follow the Right People – To get engaged followers, you want to discover folks who will be interested in your content material. Try finding users who appear inquisitive about the kind of content material you’re posting. Look at a comparable account to yours and test out the individuals who are commenting. Like and comply with them.


While I haven’t won any contests (but!) I find that entering contests with a positive hashtag, or tagging money owed that do capabilities is a superb manner to get more visibility.

Oftentimes human beings will explore the opposition and take a look at out your account.

And if you win or get a feature on a famous account, it’s an easy way for a large audience to discover your profile.


Instagram engagement is clearly driven, extra so than another social media platform, by using high satisfactory content – in this case pictures.

It’s no wonder that the cutest photograph I posted is the one that received the most engagement, even though there have been other snap shots.

I published with greater hashtags. Only publish content material that you truly like.


“You get what you deliver” – this is very a lot so for Instagram. To get engagement you want to be an engaged person yourself. Reply to all remarks you acquire on your photos, and like and comment on other’s pix as well.

People are not probable to comment once more in the event that they sense you neglected them.


Make positive your profile seems legitimate from a quick glance. Add a relevant profile photograph and a short descriptive tagline.

If you have got a website or other account, that is wherein you’ll need to hyperlink to it.

The description vicinity of your profile is the best region on Instagram wherein you can add a hyperlink.


Was my canine Instagram a chunk cheesy and corny? Perhaps. But I gave people what they have been searching out, used the right hashtags, observed the right humans, and in go back I executed a high price of engagement in best three days.

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With proper studies, I am confident that you can practice the equal methods to your private profile or brand to also have Instagram success.

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