How to Personally Engage With Your Customer Using SMS

In this article, we’ll show you how to use SMS and best practices for SMS messages to boost client engagement. Learn how a straightforward communication route may spark a number of potent consumer engagement initiatives. 

As a business owner, you are aware that each consumer interacts with your firm on a variety of occasions during the course of their relationship with you. Each of these contact points offers a chance to communicate positively with your customers, engage them in conversation, and advance them to the next level while enhancing their overall experience. 

One of the hardest challenges your business will face is figuring out how to interact with your audience. Talking and listening to your clients is crucial; provide news, relate a tale, and listen.

Before we get started, let’s address a crucial query. 

Why use SMS to engage customers? 

Due to its widespread use and popularity, SMS messaging has established itself as a potent and successful instrument in the customer interaction and marketing strategy of many top companies. 

Text messaging, which is used often by 97% of smartphone users, is without a doubt the most popular function or app. With an average click-through rate of 35%, SMS messages are nearly ten times more successful than emails in reaching current and new clients.

More significantly, SMS is the preferred method of communication for clients; more texting than emailing or calling is preferred. 75% of clients prefer to get offers by SMS service, according to the digital marketing magazine. Customers have more control when they text. Customers who are empowered are more likely to be content, involved, and devoted. 

Using SMS to Increase Customer Engagement 

Learn about your consumers 

Customer engagement goes beyond simply gaining value from your relationships with consumers and instead focuses on the value you can provide to them. By gathering information about your consumers’ needs, interests, and purchasing habits, you may assist them form an emotional bond with your business. Go above and above to genuinely understand your clients, whether it is through SMS polls, surveys, or questionnaires. 

Inform clients of your progress 

This one should be obvious. Use SMS service to communicate with clients on a regular basis about something that matters to them. When used properly, getting the appropriate information at the right time might come as a huge surprise to them.

Be specific and targeted 

Customers want to interact with companies who utilise their personal data to offer them more personalised purchasing experiences, according to 73% of consumers. It may be as easy as thanking a consumer for a recent purchase, pointing them toward another product they might be interested in, or even reminding them to purchase something they’ve already purchased. 

Depending on their recent activity, you may utilise segmentation to send them targeted SMS messages. For instance, you may use a customised offer or a discount to tempt a consumer who hasn’t made a purchase recently.

Additionally, you may make special discount codes and URLs for their connections so that whenever a user of the code or link takes action, you can monitor their behaviour and suggest the best course of action. For instance, suggesting related items and using a personal discount code when making a purchase that results in a personalised follow-up thank-you letter. 

This strategy is effective because it cuts costs on “blanket” marketing initiatives that, at most, have modest performance while simultaneously enhancing customer loyalty and retention by providing them with valued products and services.

Add SMS to your outbound marketing and advertising campaigns 

To unlock coupon codes, exclusive deals, and event invitations in response to an offline campaign, having customers type in a “SMS keyword” might increase engagement and lead conversion in an omnichannel environment. 

Conduct surveys and polls 

Use SMS polls to interact with your clients by giving them a forum where they feel free to share their honest ideas via SMS gateway. Additionally, it communicates to clients that you respect their feedback and that your company is available to assist them. Additionally, you may utilise SMS to incorporate Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to see what your consumers think of your company.

Send SMS-based tailored marketing offers

SMS is a potent medium for delivering targeted marketing promotions. You may plan SMS messages advertising impending promotions as well as discount codes or vouchers based on consumer preferences and purchasing history. Given that several studies have shown that in-store offers are frequently redeemed, geo-location techniques may also be used to send promotions to customers while they are present in a store. 

Make a note of upcoming occasions, appointments, or orders

Use SMS to advertise events so that people receive the news quickly. SMS is perfect for advertising time-sensitive events because of its immediate nature. Additionally, SMS service may be used to remind clients of crucial meetings, upcoming purchases, or their shopping carts. This considerate act made at the right time might be sufficient.

Upgrade customer support 

SMS getaway is an extremely intimate form of communication, which makes it perfect for customer support. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that 64% of consumers, given the option, choose Bulk SMS to voice. SMS allows you to communicate with your clients directly, creating a safe, confidential environment where they may freely share their opinions and grievances. 

In contrast to voice calls, where the recorded discussions are solely available to the agents, texting provides the consumer with a copy of the interaction. Customers will feel more powerful and engaged as a result of this return of power to the consumer.

Offer pointers and guidance 

With this SMS content marketing exercise, you can leverage client information to thrill them with timely guidance and considerate ideas that will help you build an emotional connection with them and demonstrate your concern, while also allowing the personality of your brand permeate everything you do. 

VIP and loyalty clubs 

People enjoy having an exclusive sense. Create VIP and loyalty clubs based on customers’ purchasing patterns, preferences, demographics, geographic locations, and other identifying details to increase consumer investment and loyalty. Send them messages that make them feel unique and appreciated for their devotion, such as early access to events, exclusive bargains, and other communications.

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