Meditech EHR Software

MEDITECH EHR software helps healthcare providers to manage patient data, record medication, and create a complete medical chart. It also serves as an efficient tool for scheduling patients, tracking their test results, and coordinating care with other professionals.

Its features are based on user needs and provide a seamless experience for both staff members and patients. Meditech EHR software is a popular choice among hospitals and large group practices. It is known for its high levels of interoperability, which enables doctors to see a complete record of a patient’s history in real-time.

User Interface and Navigation

Meditech EHR Software is an electronic health record (EHR) vendor with more than 2,400 healthcare sites worldwide. The company sells a wide range of EHR products and services for hospitals, clinics, physician practices and specialty healthcare organizations.

For 2015, Meditech had combined products and services revenues of $475.5 million and employed nearly 3,750 workers. The privately held company holds approximately 19% of the hospital EHR market share in the U.S., according to hospital and B2B research firm peer60.

The company has released a new mobility tool called Expanse Patient Care that empowers nurses and therapists to mobilize their clinical tasks using the device best for the task at hand. It also accommodates personalized navigation, so caregivers can review patient records with a user interface tailored to what works for them.

Clinical Documentation

Meditech EHR Software offers clinical documentation solutions that allow hospitals to capture information about patient history, medications, and lab results. They also have a mobile app that allows clinicians to access patients’ records from anywhere.

The software offers support for physicians through its services and training. It also provides remote communication through its platforms Expanse Virtual Care and Patient and Consumer Health Portal.

MEDITECH’s clinical documentation systems include SIS Anesthesia, which enables anesthesia providers and hospitals to improve productivity and lower costs by using more efficient workflows that focus on patients. SIS Anesthesia runs on any workstation including those already used for MEDITECH documentation and data review.

The solution helps ensure accurate medication administration by allowing providers to scan arm bands and then administer medications with ease. It can also help improve patient adherence by providing education about their medical condition and treatment plan.

Patient Management

Meditech EHR Software offers a wide range of support services to improve patient care and reduce the administrative burden on clinicians. The platform also allows remote communication through Expanse Virtual Care and a Patient and Consumer Health Portal.

The Meditech EHR Software also supports integration with OnBase content services to eliminate the need for clinicians and staff to manually search for unstructured documents and images, which can be time-consuming. This saves your organization valuable resources and helps you deliver better healthcare to patients. Modernizing Medicine EHR is another best software, you should check its features.

Allscripts is one of the most trusted EHR vendors in the healthcare industry, providing a full suite of electronic medical records to a large number of small and medium-sized practices, hospitals and medical institutions. Its offerings have received KLAS awards for a variety of different EMR categories, and it has also been named the top EHR vendor by Black Book for ambulatory healthcare.

Interoperability and Health Information Exchange

Interoperability is an essential component to delivering better care and patient experiences. It requires information exchange across local, state, and federal healthcare networks and systems.

MEDITECH EHR Software has built-in support for national data exchange, with a full suite of data sources and interfaces to deliver a seamless experience. These include CommonWell Health Alliance(r) connectivity and FHIR APIs for broader access to data outside the EHR.

Health information exchange is a core part of the Meaningful Use (MU) objectives for certified EHRs. However, despite the fact that EHRs are able to exchange clinical care summaries in CCD and CDA formats at least once during the certification process, most hospitals that have this functionality report a lack of capability to share these records with other hospitals using different certified EHR vendors.


Meditech is an Electronic Health Record Software Company that offers a wide range of products and services to hospitals, healthcare organizations and ambulatory centers. It serves clients in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Its EHR Software is used in hospital, ambulatory, home care and hospice settings. The Company’s EHR is known for its interoperability solutions. MEDITECH is also known for its robust customer service and technical support. Founded in 1969, Meditech employs more than 3,750 employees and has sales representatives in over 150 countries. The Company’s product is currently in use at more than 2,400 healthcare sites worldwide.

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