Medsphere offers a portfolio of efficient, flexible, subscription-based healthcare IT software solutions that empower medical practices and integrated health systems. Founded in 2002, Medsphere Systems EMR organization of clinical and technology professionals is dedicated to making quality healthcare IT accessible to organizations of any size, shape or budget.

The company’s OpenVista EHR system is based on the VistA open source software platform developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Indian Health Service. It is available as an on-premise solution or as a cloud-based SaaS application.

CareVue EMR

CareVue EHR is a scalable healthcare IT solution for organizations of all sizes, shapes and budgets. It incorporates integrated financial, clinical and patient accounting solutions for acute care and inpatient behavioral health environments, as well as delivery networks to streamline workflows and boost care coordination.

The system is highly configurable by lead nurses, physicians or technicians without programming experience, and can be linked to other systems using a common database for shared data. It includes free text, flowsheet charting, structured notes, clinical pathways, configurable forms and medication administration records.

With MOVE, a mobile EHR enterprise platform from Medsphere, clinicians can use handheld devices to access CareVue data on the go, cutting down on trips to a PC or to the hospital for data review. Additionally, it allows for real-time, secure access to patient information from anywhere a clinician has an internet connection.

The company also makes its CareVue EHR available in a hosted model on Amazon Web Services, offering community hospitals a platform-as-a-service option to manage their data. It’s layered with extra HIPAA protections, including encryption and multi-factor authentication.

ChartLogic EMR

ChartLogic is a popular medsphere EHR software used by many healthcare practitioners and small to mid-sized medical practices. It offers a variety of features that can be customized to fit a specific practice’s needs.

The software offers a streamlined workflow that improves staff efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork. It also helps physicians avoid errors and omissions by capturing all patient encounters electronically.

Its Precision Voice feature allows doctors to enter data via voice commands, and its customizable templates save time by making charts easier to create and navigate. It also includes an e-prescribing function that enables patients to get their medication electronically and receive timely reminders.

ChartLogic EMR also offers a practice management (PM) module that allows physicians to schedule appointments. The application also handles billing and payments. It also reduces the risk of claims rejection by providing a centralized location to access patient information and insurance eligibility.

OpenVista EHR

OpenVista is a cloud-based EMR software solution by Medsphere that includes patient accounting, clinical charting and health information management. It also offers disaster recovery and integration with new and third-party applications.

Medsphere OpenVista EHR enables hospitals, clinics and integrated health networks to achieve a paperless, clinical environment that adheres to continuity-of-care documentation goals and evidence-based medicine. It can be deployed in acute care, long-term care and multi-specialty healthcare settings.

The product is based on the Department of Veterans Affairs’ VistA EHR system, and it features a number of important features that can help reduce costs. For example, it uses an easy-to-use interface that increases practice-wide adoption rates and reduces documentation errors.

In addition, it meets Meaningful Use requirements for inpatient and ambulatory care environments and helps ensure that clients receive all available federal reimbursements. Its unique subscription-based business model and collaborative developmental model enable Medsphere to incorporate new functionality and enhancements from its partner hospitals before folding them into later releases of the product.

New Relic EMR

Medsphere EMR software is a cloud-based SaaS system that provides solutions for ambulatory practices. Its e-Rx, patient portal, and medical billing tools help physicians reduce their labor costs and boost revenue.

New Relic offers full-stack observability and monitoring for web, microservices, and Kubernetes applications. Its telemetry data can be viewed and used within its IDE to debug production errors and accelerate development workflows.

The platform features a unified dashboard that displays application performance metrics in an easy-to-read format. It also has a code-level analysis feature that helps engineers troubleshoot issues.

Its alerting system allows users to configure thresholds that indicate when a violation occurs. They can then choose to receive alerts via email, OpsGenie, or other supported notification channels.

The platform also has a key-transactions feature that lets engineers identify specific transactions that are important to their business. They can then track and prioritize these transactions to monitor them closely and fix them quickly.


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