Homemakers, chefs, and restaurants are fond of beautiful kitchenware. They love to eat and present food in eye-catching crockery. Thus the demand for dishes, pots, bowls, plates, etc. is high. It is a fact that glass crockery is prone to damage. And for that, durable custom crockery boxes are a must. You can order the packaging in kraft, cardboard, corrugated and rigid. And the best feature is that it offers endless benefits. The premium stock is highly customizable, recyclable, and user-friendly. And in this blog, we will discuss all the points in detail. So let us get started!

Corrugated custom crockery boxes: Provides top-notch protection

No dining experience is complete without stylish and classy crockery. And it includes cups, bowls, and plates. They look beautiful on the table and give a presentable look to the food items. Hence crockery is shipped across the globe. And it is one of the most expensive gift items. As stated before, the crockery easily breaks and gets damaged, so safe and strong packaging is necessary. And for shipping purposes, the corrugated custom crockery boxes are good to go. Its single, double, and triple wall feature makes it strong, durable, and long-lasting. Thus it can withstand high pressure and weight during transit. As a result, it keeps the plastic and glass crockery safe. And it reaches its destination without any damage. Thus it benefits the retailers and the customers.

Custom crockery boxes with logo

It is admitted that worldwide consumers prefer to buy from authentic brands. And the crockery industry is no different. They are ready to splurge on brands that promise them great quality. It means no color fading, cracks, or breaks in the crockery. Hence we can say that quality benefits the brands for a lifetime. Therefore you can boost your sales and win customers’ trust with custom crockery boxes with logos. You can print the logo at the top, middle, or bottom. And you can choose any style, color, or font size.

Moreover, you can magnify the logo design with the following finishing techniques.

  • Embossing: It gives an elevated look
  • Debossing: it works opposite to the embossing and gives a more recessed look.
  • Hot foil stamping: it adds more shine to the logo.

Perfect-sized custom crockery packaging

There are gazillions of dishes in the world. And every culture and country has its specialty. And it is dished out in stylish crockery to impress travelers. We all know that all dishes differ in flavor, texture, and color. Hence they are served in different-sized bowls, cups, and plates. Therefore, the right size custom crockery packaging is very important to prevent them from damage. For example, the proper sized box prevents the bumping and knocking of the crockery against each other. And it keeps the dishes from cracking or smashing. So we conclude that boxes should be designed according to the size, style, and weight of the crockery items. It keeps the items secure during shipping and prevents monetary loss. Moreover, the boxes need no excessive material to fill the void spaces. So it’s a smart packaging design and lowers the shipment fare. On top of that, it provides the end-users with frustration-free packaging. Isn’t that amazing?

Unique and attractive packaging styles

Elegant and custom-printed crockery packaging attracts customers from a distance. Moreover, it helps your crockery brand stand out and acquire the best spot at the display counters. And for that, versatile packaging designs are important. Ahead we have pinned the most common crockery packaging styles

  • Boxes with handles
  • Full sealed
  • Reverse tuck end
  • Tuck front
  • Tray and sleeve packaging
  • Two-piece
  • Boxes with die cuts

All of the packaging styles are beautiful and provide ample storage space. You can customize them depending on the size and weight of the crockery items.

Create a positive brand image with sustainable stock

There is no denying that wholesale crockery boxes are manufactured in bulk quantities. The reason is that from restaurants to homes, crockery is a daily used item. Therefore, crockery packaging is manufactured in large quantities to meet the consumer’s demand. But at the same time, there are high chances of air pollution and land garbage. And small to to-class crockery brands can overcome it with environmentally friendly material. Hence you can order bowl boxes in cardboard, kraft, or rigid stock. It provides excellent protection for plastic and glass bowls. Besides, it promotes a positive brand image. Consequently, people love your brand and share good reviews on social media. So all you need is to pack and display the cups and plates in eco-friendly material. It is versatile and offers amazing ways to design, print, and laminate the boxes. Last but not least, it is 100% biodegradable, which means that it naturally breaks down and doesn’t add up to the landfill.

Custom surface laminates: Extend the shelf life of crockery boxes

Besides durability, customers want long-lasting and finished custom crockery boxes. They prefer a smooth surface free of dirt, dust, and scratches. And for that, various laminates are available. But aqueous coating is the best for the following reasons

  • It is eco-friendly
  • Water-based (quickly dries out)
  • It gives a presentable look to the boxes
  • Enhances the box’s durability and strength
  • It can create gloss, matte, soft touch, and satin effect
  • It makes the crockery packaging flawless and stainless.

In a nutshell, the aqueous coating is the top choice. It is cost-effective, flexible, and prevents discoloration. Hence its benefits the users and the environment.

Secure your wholesale crockery boxes with custom inserts

You can secure heavy and lightweight crockery items with custom inserts. The inserts add an extra layer of protection and prevent the items from colliding. They are also known as dividers; hence they partition the boxes into different sizes. Thus you can easily place the cups, dishes, and bowls without worrying about space. The foam, rigid, kraft, cardboard, and corrugated inserts provide a cushioning effect. The inserts bear high pressure and weight, thus keeping the crockery secure. Moreover, you can order inserts in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors. And for more exclusive custom printed crockery packaging, you can even print brand and product information on the inserts. Hence the inserts secure the packaging and help in brand marketing.

Why choose us?

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