Sudarshana Homam

Lord Vishnu is the lord of the universe, and Sudarshan Homam is dedicated to lord Vishnu entirely. Sudarshana chakra is the most important weapon of lord Vishnu and this homam is the extract of this Sudarshana chakra. 

This homam allows purification and restores energies and health. As Lord Vishnu is the lord of the universe he protects us from negative and evil forces providing harmony and peace in our life. 

Sudarshana chakra is the weapon of triumph and lord Vishnu used it to gain victory over evil and demonic power. The same happens when you perform this Sudarshana homam it removes all the negativity around you and protects you from the evil and demonic power that encounters you. 

Sudarshana chakra is a round-shaped weapon and lord Vishnu is the attorney of this weapon. It is the common belief in the Hindu religion that Sudarshana chakra is derived from the extract from the parts of the Sun God, Surya.

Furthermore, it is stated that saint Vishwakarma generated many objects from the shavings of the sun god and the Sudarshana chakra is one of them. The Hindu faith is that the Sudarshana chakra contains the power of a million suns and it is a mighty weapon. 

The Procedure Of Sudarshana Homam  

The Sudarshana homam is performed to get protection against the evil and demonic power that is most likely to hit you. It also protects from Dosha, Nivaran and black magic. The procedure to perform Sudarshana homam is as follows:-

  1. This homam starts with the chanting of the Sudarshana mantra.
  2. The Sudarshana Asthottharam which begins with the Sudarshanya Nama and includes the Naarayaankrupavyuha Tejas Chakraya Nama, takes place. 
  3. In the 3rd step, the priest asks you to take the Shri Sudarshana homam maha Sankalpa where you call on the deities to bless you.
  4. Then the priest asks all the mightiest including Lord Kumbam, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Narayana and Lord Sudarshana and conducts the Shodasopachara Aaradhanam.
  5. Agni prathshtai keeps to this.
  6. The homam begins with the Sri Sudarshana Shadrkshari conducted 108 times with the aahuthi.
  7. The conclusions of the Homam take place after all the aahuti known as poornaauthi.
  8. After poornaauthi all the people go around the holy fire and recite Sri Sudarshana ashtakam. 
  9. The bhasamam or the ash left from the holy fire is then put on the forehead and it ends here.

Materials required for Sudarshana Homam

The materials required for Sudarshana homam are the Sudarshana yantra, which is praised with Sudarshana mantra chanting. This homam requires homam samagiri including ghee, herbs and sticks of a particular tree that is offered as the sacrifice to the holy fire in order to praise the lord Sudarshana along with the chanting of the mantras. 

Aside from this offerings are also made to lord sudarshana involves fruits, flowers, incense sticks and the naivedhyam prasadam. Pooja of the holder of sudarshana chakra, Lord Vishnu is done with the tulsi leaves. 

To perform Sudarshana homam all of this is required as given and any specific item can be added as declared by the priest. These are basic requirements in order, to begin with, the homam.

Where To Perform Sudarshana Homam?

The great Sudarshana homam can be performed anywhere At home. Or in the temple as suited to the doer or as narrated by the professional priest. It can be performed or conducted in the temple of Mahavishnu. Or any temple where there is the presence of the holder of the Sudarshana chakra Lord Vishnu.

In order to perform this homam in the house you need to book a professional pandit for the same you can look at our preferred site 99 pandit.

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Sudarshana Homam Mantra 

In order to gain the blessings of the lord Sudarshana. Chanting the Sudarshana homam mantra daily is important to attain the benefits.  The chanting of the mantra is given below.

“Om Namo Bhagevathe Maha Sudarshana Dupthra’

‘Jawalapareethaya Sarvadigashobhanakaraya Brahmana Para Jyothisha’

                                    “Hum Path Swaha”

Who can Perform Sudarshana Homam?

Anyone who is looking for relief from evil forces and wants to maintain a sustainable lifestyle with a balance is advised to perform the Sudarshana homam. People who are under the influence of evil spirits or negative energy are most likely to perform this homam because it nullifies the effect of such derivatives.

People who want to attain great wealth and want to lead a healthy life also conduct Sudarshana homam. And want to achieve success to conduct the arrangements of this homam. 


Besides, The total cost of performing Sudarshana homam is quite admirable as it lies between RS 5000/INR to RS 15000/INR. The cost of performing this homam also depends on the place of implementation and the materials required for performing this homam. 


Sudarshana homam is quite a cost-effective ritual with great benefits. It protects from all the bad energy surrounding the person. If you wanna learn about the Housewarming invitation visit 99pandit’s portal. To get more updates and to book an expert and experienced pandit go through 99 pandit site.

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