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Since Covid-19, the use of sanitizers has skyrocketed. Now, it has become more of a habit than a necessity for others. You will still find people looking for sanitizers to disinfect everything and ensure they are not spreading germs or stuff like that. It is not just the hand sanitizer they are looking forward to having. Also, they need a medical sanitizer, a surface cleaner that acts as a sanitizer, and so on.

Now, many companies have launched sanitizers in recent years. But it is Dettol that has genuinely made a difference. Several studies have proven that the sanitizers from Dettol are the most potent in removing and killing germs. It is clear that people will automatically prefer this brand over others.

What are the Variants of Dettol Sanitizers available?

With a history of studying germs and ways to eliminate them from the human community, Dettol is one of the oldest healthcare and hygiene brands based in India. It offers quality assurance and guarantees that all the customers will feel safe and secure.

We all think that Dettol is only used in households to clean floors or wash baby clothes. But that’s not the truth!

Dettol is also used in industrial and commercial areas, especially in the healthcare sector, where cleanliness and hygiene are the most important. After Covid-19 hit the world, the brand launched several sanitizers in different variants.

These are:

  1. You can buy 50 ml or 60 ml bottles for pocket-friendly use. They have a cap with a top-opening flap. Since these are pretty small, you can carry them in your purse or pocket. So, using them in public washrooms or before eating something by hand won’t be a problem anymore.
  2. The medium-sized bottles are primarily suitable for household uses. If you have a small to medium size family, get 200 ml to 500 ml bottles, as these will be adequate. If you want to use the sanitizer in smaller bottles, pour the content into small dispensers or pump bottles and then use the same. 
  3. In the larger section, you only have the 5 liter sanitizer bottle.

What are the Uses of Dettol Sanitizers?

There are some of the uses for the Dettol sanitizers that you will undoubtedly enjoy. For instance:

  1. These sanitizers can be used to clean scissors and other surgical utensils before sterilization. Since no water is involved, you won’t have to worry about rusting utensils.
  2. You can also use the sanitizer to wash your hands when no water is available. Instant hand rub sanitizers are highly potent in killing the microorganisms on your skin. 
  3. Sanitizers can clean exposed surfaces like glass, mirrors and furniture.


Here, we talked about the significant variants in sanitizers from Dettol and their versatile uses. These products will stay in the market, especially when people realize sanitation and hygiene are essential. Their effective and judicious use will help maintain hygiene and sanitation of he highest standards in a post Covid-19 world, where these factors are being given highest importance. Submit your enquiry to get a 40% discount on the dettol sanitizer 5 litre price, which is a great deal.

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